KC Yoga Kula - Off to an Auspicious Start!

How do you approach your life? Is every day a new adventure, filled with wonder, awe, and once in a lifetime opportunities?? Or is it the same grind? You choose....

Just a little over a month ago, I was contemplating my life's work, wondering where my path would lead and how it would unfold. I've had many friends and colleagues reach out with opportunities - I could buy a Yoga Studio and move it forward! I could remain the Yogi Vagabond and teach classes all over the city! I could rent space for my teacher training and just focus on that! I could take over existing classes!

Or.....I could start all over. I could lease space to build a New Community in the neighborhood where I live. With no clients, no guarantees, and yoga studios on every corner, I could forge ahead with my dream. Risky business. Yet, that is what I chose.  

A month ago, I had no place to go. Sunday, I wrapped up the first weekend of 200 Hour Teacher Training and the 2nd week of classes at KC Yoga Kula! We've gone from 0 clients to 80, hosted 2 successful workshops, begun the process to bring free yoga to area veterans, and made friends with many people and businesses along the 63rd Street corridor. Not only that: 2 local businesses have reached out, asking us to provide yoga to their employees - bringing the practices to folks who need it in an encouraging environment. And it's only been 2 weeks!

I'm energized each morning when I wake up! I can't wait to see what new possibilities present themselves. While recognizing that not all possibilities are meant to be....that sometimes we must slow down and surrender to what is, I treat each day as a new adventure, filled with wonder and awe, and the belief that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Nancy ~The Nice Yogi