Do you know the Phoenix?  The Phoenix dies in a show of flames and combustion and rises from the ashes of its predecessor.

For me the Phoenix is a perfect illustration of what yoga teaches us: we have within us the power to choose who to be.  The Phoenix represents the sun itself which dies at the end of each day, but is reborn the following dawn. Each day, each moment, each breath we can let our disappointments define us or we can rise up when we have fallen down. That’s why I’ve been searching for the right Phoenix to display at KC Yoga Kula. I’m so pleased that I’ve finally found it! As luck would have it, the artist created it to encourage some at-risk kids she was coaching – to let them know there is a way out. She almost painted over it when she no longer needed it as an AV aid. But she was persuaded to keep it.

I choose to be inspired by its presence every single day. I choose to believe we can make a difference when we come together in support of one another. I choose to rise. What about you?

Warm up with us – the teakettle is always on, and we are here to welcome and encourage you!

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Nancy Kaul